Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Dramaturg and a Sommelier walk into a bar...

I’m co-hosting The Wines of ATP on Wednesday September 17 with Michael Bigattini, ATP’s official sommelier. I asked Michael to put his impeccable palate to the test selecting wines that capture the essence of the plays in our 14/15 season, and he challenged me to distill the spirit of each show for him into tasting notes.

As a wine expert and senior product consultant for Willow Park Wines & Spirits, Michael believes that a good story and a little knowledge is bound to make your drink more enjoyable. As ATP’s Artistic Associate, and a production dramaturg on new plays, I know that when an audience gets the chance to learn more about a show, meet the artists, and express themselves, they have a deeper appreciation for the work on our stage.

We cooked up The Wines of ATP last year during an event at Willow Park where we had been asked to cast each character from The Red Priest (Eight Ways to Say Goodbye) as a cocktail. I was so impressed by Michael’s creativity, as he concocted a drink for Vivaldi, The Woman, and each movement of the Four Seasons. We read excerpts from the play, heard some glorious music, and enjoyed some stunning signature cocktails. I realized that, like a good play, a fine drink is something to be savored, contemplated, and, ultimately, remembered.

So this season we’re teaming up, starting with The Wines of ATP and continuing on April 15, 2015 with Cocktails with Becky: a three-course tasting at the beginning, intermission, and curtain of Becky’s New Car by Steven Dietz.

It’s all part of The Exchange, a series of lively events around the shows in our season where the audience and artists can meet and mingle, explore the themes of the plays, and celebrate the art of live theatre.

I’ll raise a glass to that.

Tickets to The Wines of ATP can be purchased by calling our Ticket Office at 403-294-7402

 Laurel Green is the Artistic Associate at Alberta Theatre Projects. She's also working on ATP's productions as Production Dramaturg for Butcher and Assistant Director for Charlotte's Web. 

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