Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Dramaturgical Notebook... Sept 23, 2014

A New Play…

Last week we started rehearsals for Butcher by Nicolas Billon (Butcher), which will premiere on October 17 in the Enbridge playRites Series of New Canadian Plays. As production dramaturg I work closely with the playwright and director to explore the script, story and shape of the play. Our first few rehearsals are spent at the table, reading through the script followed by a closer examination. There is lots of chatting and some script changes as the actors start to get into the mindset of their characters. A taut political thriller like Butcher, where no one is who they seem to be, requires razor-like precision as tensions build towards a stunning conclusion. It is intricate work that, at times, takes us into dark territory. Exploring the contemporary ramifications of wartime atrocities, and ancient grudges that can't stay buried, Butcher is a beautifully written meditation on truth and reconciliation. A play for us, here and now, that resonates with what we read in today’s headlines. It is an amazing project to be working on, and one thing is certain: you do not want to miss this show.

AND A New Play Weekend…

To celebrate the world premiere of Butcher we are hosting Blitz Weekend October 17 – 19, an immersive backstage weekend open to all theatre fans. I’m really excited to share this program with you! Registration for Blitz is $100 and includes a ticket to the world premiere of Butcher and an after party that lasts all weekend long.

Register now online at the Box Office or call us at 403-294-7402

Go deeper into the world of new Canadian plays, and let your curiosity guide you.


Friday, October 17, 2014
7:30pm: Opening Night of Butcher by Nicolas Billon
Registration includes a ticket to the opening night of this world premiere. Part of the Enbridge playRites Series of New Canadian Plays
Party with the artists to follow (includes a toast with bubbly)
Book launch and signing for Butcher published by Coach House Books (playwright will be signing books)

Saturday, October 18, 2014
11-1:30pm Master Conversation Series (lunch provided)
We’ve paired the talent behind Butcher with the talent behind ATP for a candid chat about making theatre in Canada today.
Weyni Mengesha (director of Butcher) & Vanessa Porteous (Artistic Director of ATP) on the Art of Directing
Nicolas Billon (playwright of Butcher) & Vicki Stroich (Dramaturg, Executive Director ATP) on the Legacy of New Canadian Plays

2-3:30pm: Backstage Tour of Martha Cohen Theatre
Go behind the scenes in this exclusive tour of our theatre facilities and meet those who make what you see onstage. Explore the props shop, scenic carpentry shop, and our wardrobe department while learning more about how a great show is built.

4pm- Work in Progress Reading: Three Franks & The Road Forward
Get a sneak peek of two new plays from the winners of the Enbridge playRites Awards for Emerging and Established Canadian Playwrights. Their identities will be revealed on opening night of Butcher!

7:30pm: The Deep Field Podcast: Inventing Lavinian
Meet the linguists behind Lavinian, a language created for the play Butcher, and delve deeper into the politics of the play at this live taping of  The Deep Field Podcast series, hosted by Col Cseke from Verb Theatre (Link)
9:30pm: Q&A with the cast of Butcher: Grab a drink and join the actors for a chat.

Sunday, October 19, 2014
11– 1:30pm: Blitz Breakfast
Pancakes and bacon served with a side of cowboy nostalgia - the perfect way to spend a weekend with friends and family. An ATP tradition.

2 – 4pm: 3 Things for Calgary: Theatre Edition
How does theatre bring our community together? What can we do to help? Along with some special guests, we’ll take up Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s 3 Things for Calgary Challenge to create a pledge that shows our love for theatre in Calgary. What 3 Things can we do to help build a theatre audience one new fan at a time? (Link)

4pm: Cocktails and Conversation: Share your stories from the weekend and hobnob with some new friends as we wrap up Blitz weekend with a toast!

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